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new project 2023

coproduction : GMEA, Albi / OUATE


Michael Thieke : clarinet

Emilie Škrijelj : accordion

​Tom Malmendier : percussions


The subtle mesh of their materials reveals an abstract and minimalist landscape with electroacoustic colors. Accordion, clarinet and percussions mingle together in the same breath. This trio gathers around a common and meticulous approach to sound and timbre.This sound continuum offers a space close to the sound environment, which naturally led us to the idea of extending the experience in the form of a concert/installation,extending the instruments using several loudspeakers of different natures, like the diffusers of the “ondes Martenot”, chosen and manufactured to color, alter and filter the instruments. 


The BRUINE performance is between the sound installation and the concert and offers the public a sound and visual immersion. Accordionist Emilie Škrijelj, percussionist Tom Malmendier and clarinetist Michael Thieke offer to experiment with an even more plastic form of sound material through this concert/installation. This involves extending the instruments using several speakers of different natures created from various recovered objects and inductors, in the manner of the Martenot wave diffusers, chosen and manufactured to color, alter and filter the instruments. Each instrument will be connected to several speakers placed on the ground which will form an island of resonant objects. The presenters, just like the musicians, will have to be mobile to inhabit the space in its volume and its different planes and offer a collective and vibratory experience of the sound object and the sound space. 


© Arnaud Hussenot

bruine install errant sound.jpeg

BRUINE is also available in the form of a sound installation. 

The collected objects are originally used to conduct air and water.

They are often hidden, here they are gathered in pieces, fragments placed on the ground like ready-mades, a sort of sculpture, to conduct an invisible material which is sound.

Through the vibration of the speakers, these objects make the sound event, its vibration, its oscillations, its friction visible.

BRUINE, Galerie Errant Sound, Berlin, Septembre 2023



Glitch, solo prepared/amplified accordion, 2022

Loris Binot / Lê Quan Ninh / Emilie Skrjelj

Loris Binot / Le Quan Ninh/ Emilie skrijelj​​​

Loris Binot: prepared piano

Le Quan Ninh: surrounded bass drum

Emilie Škrijelj: accordion

In November 2019, Krci invited the percussionist Lê Quan Ninh for a first concert in acoustic trio. During the confinement, they carry out a correspondence of several months which they released in the disc Distant Numebers on the label eux saem in August 2020.

IMG_20211120_021237 (1).jpg



Les Marquises

Emilie Škrijelj : accordion, turntable, electronics

Tom Malmendier : drums, objects

Les Marquises is a duo of free improv music created by Emilie Škrijelj and Tom Malmendier in 2019. They released their first album “Les Marquises” in 2020 on their own label "eux sæm" and the second one in 2021 "Tropism" on the French label "Carton Records".

They went on several European tours in France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Deutschland, Slovakia, Italia, Portugal, Spain.

Two voices breathe together, exchange, scramble and curl up like a twining plant. A dance on the embers, ardent Marquises …

Review Jazz à Paris, avril 2020

Review Spontaneous music, avril 2020

Review Citizen Jazz, mai 2020

Review on Salt Peanults, 2020

Les Marquises
IMG_20190528_221127 (2) (1).jpg



Emilie Škrijelj : accordion, turntable, electronics

Mike Ladd : voice, poetry

Tom Malmendier : drums

with the support of the Météo Festival 2021

In 2021, the duo open his door to the american rapper and poet Mike Ladd's spoken word, for a post-futuristic dive in which two imaginary planets face to each other, a dramatic epic, a science fiction tale narrated by an outstanding storyteller on a sharp music which reveals the shape of an intimate and wild landscape. 

22Émilie Skrijelj - Mike Ladd - Tom MalmendierPierre Chinellato.jpg


Point Break, Guillaume Malvoisin

"In the plastic organicity of this trio. We know the duo Emilie Škrijelj & Tom Malmendier, otherwise known as Les Marquises, we know Mike Ladd’s striking antics. Reunited, the 3 vocalists/instrumentalists deliver a tale of improvised anticipation, a modern and actual tale where a world disappears little by little in the wanderings and forgetfulness of what founded it. No link with ours? Possibly. Although. What is important with improvised music, as practiced, sought and found by Škrijelj & Malmendier, is that it lives with both feet in the most urgent reality. And Mike Ladd’s impatient ogre verve is not going to calm the game down. "

CITIZENJAZZ, Franpi Barriaux


This meeting in the summer of 2021 with one of the most radical duos of the French-speaking improvised scene is a testament to this, and it is undoubtedly in this aesthetic that he finally feels most comfortable. Recorded at the Météo festival in Mulhouse, this concert with drummer Tom Malmendier and accordionist and turntablist Émilie Škrijelj offers a double confirmation: first, Les Marquises is a band capable of building any climate. Secondly, Mike Ladd is a formidable narrator, capable of appropriating these imaginary latitudes and giving them life.


In forty-five minutes of a long, fiery tirade, a science fiction tale reminiscent of Ladd's magnificent Welcome to The Afterfuture, The Kort'dakian Crisis takes us where he wants us to go, that is, into the somewhat hostile and imperiled atmosphere of Kort'Dakian. Malmendier's playing has that urgency that was so important in the first Marquises album. When Ladd slows down the pace, it's unstoppable sweeps that maintain an incredible tension. The drummer is the anchor of the two free spirits: Mike Ladd sucked in by his story, Émilie Škrijelj who takes hold of a permanent movement, moving from her sound-generating accordion to the turntables, which do a lot for the climate of the narration. The young musician always has this amazing creativity that makes every sound effect, every voice disguised by scratching, elements of narrative, incitements to pursue further an exploration that is both the subject of the story and its context.


The freedom that drives Mike Ladd and the Marquesas is not negotiable, it is imposed. It is even the subject of The Kort'Dakian Crisis, its reason for being. At the bend of a raucous electronic rip, at the very end of the track, while the listener has the impression of having run after a rapper from a hostile exoplanet who keeps on hurrying, Émilie Škrijelj comes back to the accordion, like a return to a more embodied atmosphere, while the machine gun of the drums, too, gives itself some respite. A fruitful moment between three creators of worlds who, as often with Mike Ladd, know how to project their poetry in the ideal biotope, even if hostile. A universe that Malmendier and Škrijelj embellish with splendid tears.





Stéphane Clor : cello

Armand Lesecq : electronics

Tom Malmendier : drums

Emilie Škrijelj : accordion, sampler


"The music of Nuits makes fun of our listening. It blurs the perception of sound sources. Very often we don't know who does what anymore. It is a music of textures, of materials, supported by an obstinacy, a stubbornness in how to deploy high quality sound events. Voices, languages, stories sometimes burst into the deployed textures, all gushing out of musician's machines." Anne Montaron, France musique

nuits brest (1).jpg

Extract of nuits at the METEO Festival 2020, France musique,  "A l'improviste", Anne Montaron, 20.09.20



Elio Amberg : saxophone,  electronic

Emilie Škrijelj : accordion, turntable, electronic

​Tom Malmendier : drums


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