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      Emilie Škrijelj explores the accordion in its smallest folds and uses it both as a percussion instrument and a generator of electroacoustic materials. Inspired by her research around the turntable, modular synths and field recording, she brings the accordion to the abstract territory of electronics by manipulating the bellows, rubbing its contours and exploring its extremities.

She played in many festivals like Météo Music Festival (Fr) / Copenhaguen Jazz Festival (DK) / Konfrontationen Festival (AT) / Musique Action (FR) / Bruisme (FR) / Le Bruit de la Musique (FR) / MOZG Festival (PL) / Densités Festival (Fr) / Ear we are (CH) / Sound Disobedience (SLO) / Jazz à Luz (FR) / FIMAV (CA) / Sons d'hiver (Fr) / Music Unlimited (AT) / Artacts (AT) ...


© Lê Quan Ninh


Franpi Barriaux, may 2021

Sound Portraits "Emilie Škrijelj, In the folds of the accordion" Hémisphère son,

Guillaume Kosmicki, november 2021



- Les Marquises with Tom Malmendier / Ft. Mike Ladd

- BRUINE with Michael Thieke & Tom Malmendier

- Krči with Loris Binot + Lê Quan Ninh

- SOLO Glitch, solo surrounded accordion

- YOUBITCOLD with Elio Amberg and Tom Malmendier

- Christine Abdelnour/ Tom Malmendier / E. Škrijelj

- Nuits with Stéphane Clor, Armand Lesecq, Tom Malmendier

- Presque île with Tom Malmendier

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