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{ presque île | music in a landscape }


Presque île dans le Val-de-Marne - Commande du Festival Sons d'hiver 2023 - La Plateforme



performative drawing, 25'


Emilie Škrijelj carbon paper imprint

Tom Malmendier drums

The relationship between sound and space is a crucial searching axis in my work as a musician and visual artist, since my studies in fine arts, which were ended by writing a thesis on this topic. My own practice of music and improvisation led me towards performative drawing. Drawing as a trace of repeated gesture, in order to create a graphic material, abstract and organic.

The performative drawing is an opportunity to show how I work and to propose a sound and performative approach of drawing. I use carbon paper with found and recovered objects ; objects collected for their graphic appearance and uniqueness. 

Objects printed with carbon paper allows to realise monotypes where chance and unknown is part of the creative process.

The performance SCHLAGZEUG allows to show the process in relation with the musician, sound matter and graphic material coexist and become each the extension of the other. The drawing becomes sound and the sound becomes drawing.


 SCHLAG|ZEUG, Residency at La Factorine, Nancy, june 2021

Graphic works

Graphic works

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